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Excel is a program in the Microsoft Office suite with pages, called worksheets, set up in a grid format to enable the user to create spreadsheets and generate reports. In Excel, a file with worksheets is called a workbook. Excel spreadsheets can be used for dates, calculations, tracking reports, data storage, information management, converting data, and automated functions including, for example, billings, sales and inventories. Cells can be formatted to include sums, currency, mathematical formulas, dates, and other data. Excel can convert data into charts and graphs for many purposes.

Excel is one of the most easily and widely used spreadsheet programs in the world. Most offices and many private individuals have the program on their computers. You can easily communicate and share data with other Excel users. TAP Solutions is here to help you maximize the power of Excel or troubleshoot and solve Excel problems as needed.


Excel helps you store, organize, manage and utilize data. Excel can crunch the numbers, keep you informed of your progress, deadlines, goals, project profits and losses, track inventory and shipments, budgets and much more. Excel provides you with a data entry forum that can take a single piece of information and use it in many ways. Excel is flexible and adaptable to many needs. Spreadsheets may be simple or complex. Reports may be generated that include bar graphs, charts, illustrations, and fillable forms. Excel can save you time, reduce errors, create appealing presentations, keep you on track, let you know where you�ve been and where you are headed.


Simply put, Excel is an extremely versatile information management tool. Excel can shorten processing time, increase efficiency and help make your Santa Clarita office run faster and better. Using Excel can save you time and money. Excel can bring information or data from many sources into a single program that can be easily used by many. Excel is widely and easily used throughout Santa Clarita and the world. Excel documents and information can be inserted into other Microsoft Office programs such as Word. If project involves tables, mathematical calculations, money, dates, times, or data that needs to be organized, there is a good chance that Excel is the program for the job and TAP Solutions can help.